Animal Clinic Of Lady Lake

414 Teague Trail
Lady Lake, FL 32159
Phone: (352) 753-5333

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Monday to Friday:
8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
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The best defense against disease or problems with your pet is to prevent illness before it occurs.
We recommend all our patients have a wellness exam at least once a year. We provide free dental check-ups twice a year for our patients. Dogs and cats should have a comprehensive blood panel once a year after age 7. Blood work is very important in our avian patients due to their ability to mask symptoms of disease. Detecting diseases early is essential for the most advantageous therapy.
We recommend vaccines based on your pets exposure and risks. We do not believe in vaccinating your pet unnecessarily. Vaccines are important to prevent serious illness and possible death. Please discuss your pet’s life style so we can recommend the optimum vaccine protocol.
Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes. All it takes is one mosquito bite to infect your pet with deadly heartworms. We recommend heartworm preventative to all our dog, cat and ferret patients.
Dental care is very important for the longevity of our furry friends. Gingivitis and periodontal disease can allow bacteria to spread to heart, kidneys and other organs. Ask our veterinarian how you can keep your pets teeth healthy.
We recommend all non-breeding pets be spayed or neutered. Spaying prevents uterine infection, uterine and ovarian cancer. Neutering male pets before one year of age lessens the chance of urine marking and spraying behavior. Neutering also eliminates the possibility of testicular cancer.

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